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Due Diligence

By Valerie Gates / April 26, 2023

Women across the region show how focus, determination and an unwavering application of effort result in successful business ventures.

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Building Women Strong

By Cape Cod Life Publications / April 26, 2023

Gone are the days when a woman in the building industry was a surprising occurrence. Today, Cape Cod’s homebuilding community benefits from a strong female perspective.

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Nevertheless She Persisted

By Valerie Gates / April 26, 2023

Provincetown artist Jo Hay captures the essence of strong, unforgettable women in her portrait series, “Persisters.”

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Pillows of Perfection

By Kelly Cloonan / April 26, 2023

With a beauty that is hard to resist, the ranunculus flower got its name from a combination of two Latin words, rana, meaning frog, and unculus, which translates to little. These fascinating blooms are also known as buttercup or Coyote eyes.

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Leave the Light On: Heroic Women Who Lit the Coastal Lighthouses 

By Chris White / April 26, 2023

Throughout history there have been women who have kept the lights burning strong in our coastal lighthouses.

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Photo Portfolio: Meaghan Dunn

By Christina Galt / April 26, 2023

Nantucket photographer Meaghan Dunn captures the serenity of the seaside community she holds dear.

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Girls Got Gills

By Kelly Cloonan / April 19, 2023

After nearly 10 years of coordinating programming for young girls interested in sharks and marine life, coordinators of the Gills Club are seeing their efforts pay off in incredible ways.

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