Emerging Artist: Emily Hutchinson

Cape Cod Art  /  ART Annual 2022 /

Writer: Emily Baxter

Square floral block and letter 'B' block • Real flowers, dried and encased in resin • 10" After working ten plus years as a CNA, Emily Hutchinson went from a career in healthcare to an emerging artist. Hutchinson first fell in love with art in high school, but was reluctant to pursue such a risky career. However, when a photo of a painting she did blew up on Facebook, she took advantage of the demand for her work and decided to pursue it full time. Now, as a full-time artist, Hutchinson says, “I create things based on of my passions, what inspires me, and turn my work into something that sparks joy.”  Hutchinson began her career in art with wood-based painting, but when she, “started looking for a way to seal the painting long term, [she] stumbled across resin,” a compound of chemicals that hardens to form a durable material that is used to protect art from wear. After months of trial and error, Hutchinson finally perfected working with resin and has made it her primary medium.  Born and raised on Cape Cod, Hutchinson incorporates the scenery around her into her art. She creates beautiful necklaces, lazy susans, trays, coasters, and clocks with vibrant and realistic art. She renders ocean waves that show depth and movement through the resin’s various layers. Hutchinson also preserves bridal flowers from various weddings on the Cape and encases them in blocks of resin to create physical, “once in a lifetime memories.”  “It’s all about dedication, practice, and not giving up. I eat, sleep, and breathe what I do because I love it. Just practicing and failing over, and over, and over again finally got me to the point where I can better use my skills,” Hutchinson recounts, as she thinks back to her improvement over the…

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