Emerging Artists: Creating Art to Suit the Soul

Cape Cod Art  /  ART Annual 2022 /

Writer: Rachel Walman

Cape Cod and the Islands harbor such rich grounds for inspiration, and it seems that no artist portrays or reflects their feelings in the same way. Art on the Cape & Islands encompasses a virtual boatload of craftsmen and women; expressing their unique vision through a variety of artwork that varies from jewelry, resin, sculpture, stickers, 3D conceptualizations, watercolor, and even going so far as incorporating physical pieces of our beaches in their work–the list goes on. The artists we spoke to have expanded their imaginations to express what touches them about the special place where we live and vacation. Emily Hutchinson • Alyssa Ruggieri • Kristen Rheaume • Erin Nelson In this, our annual issue, Cape Cod ART covers a group of Emerging Artists from across the region. In whatever medium these creators choose to display their love and adoration for the lifestyle, wildlife, and natural beauty that surrounds us, they have found the perfect form that suits their soul. Emily Hutchinson uses the delicate art of resin to configure ocean waves, the depths of the shores off the beach, or eternally capture flowers in bloom. For Erin Nelson, she is inspired by the nature that surrounds her on her many excursions to create unique wearable pieces that speak deeply to those who choose them. Kristen Rheaume’s soft palette and atmosphere reflects the calm and peace that washes over those who visit and inhabit the Cape & Islands, reminding us of that quintessential feeling that brings us back again and again. Alyssa Ruggieri incorporates land, sea and people, creating a whimsical and immediately familiar world that we want to be immersed in.  Each of these artists tells their individual stories to us in the following pages. From the simple act of picking up watercolors instead of acrylics, to a…

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