Art Annual 2023

Emerging Artists: Creative Futures

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Writer: Hannah Eaton

Four talented artists are interpreting how to create and share their art in new ways.

Devon Cogan
Beth Fitzgerald King

There comes a point in some artists’ lives when their passion turns from a hobby to a career. When the call of the brush or pen, or their own hands, demands more from them than is already being given—things begin to shift. This can be a transition as simple as selling a first piece, or being told by the right person, “You can do this.” It can be as monumental as a rave review, a sold-out gallery show, or national recognition. Whatever the journey, these artists are stepping out of their paths, finding what works for them, and braving the road ahead with clarity of vision and strength of feeling. With a long tradition of arts and culture dotting our beach-laden shores, Cape Cod and the Islands is the perfect place to unleash this talent. 

Our annual Cape Cod ART issue focuses primarily on Cape Cod artists that create full-time, but some of the best work comes from those that fit in their painting or sculpting in their spare time, between jobs, second jobs, schooling, or raising a family. Here, we would like to honor these Emerging Artists that are heeding their call on Cape Cod and are making use of their tools to share it with us. These artists may be beginners, or they may have a lifetime love affair with art; they may work in home studios or even just at their kitchen table—either way, each one is bursting forward with potential and devotion to their craft that can only excite the viewer for what is to come. 

Clementine Nicholas
Katy Taylor

On Cape Cod, anything is possible—or at least, that’s how it seems. With the beautiful coasts and wildlife, as well as the long cultural history of our land, there is more than enough artistry waiting to be recognized. Artists like Katy Taylor, who collects her jewelry pieces through beachcombing, or Beth FitzGerald King, who uses vintage magazines to make analog collages, can be counted among the many who see and use Cape Cod’s many wonders as inspiration for their art. Artists like Devon Cogan find ways to play off of the expectations of Cape Cod art and create something entirely new, while creatives like Clementine Nicholas can create art that connects to the Cape’s love of nature, through a focus on animals, without even showing the well-known landscape. 

The following artists, while known collectively as ‘emerging,’ are as different in their techniques and methods as they come. They range in age from teenage years to golden years, from all manner of background and inspiration. But what tethers them together is a shared love of the Cape and Islands, and a love that is reflected in their incredible practice of art. Their dedication and pure joy encourage us to take a second look at the world around us, to see the deeper meaning in the mundane, and to think about what inspires us, what enrages us, and what changes us for the better. 

~Hannah Eaton