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Every Oyster has its Pearl

Poet and Philosopher Meaghan and Taylor Quinn tie the knot on Cape Cod, where their relationship began.

Taking walks on the beaches of Truro, strolling the streets of Provincetown, and going for drive-through McFlurry dates were among the first romantic moments in Meaghan and Taylor Quinn’s relationship. Although the two met while teaching in Western Massachusetts, their love grew during a summer on the Cape.

“My mom had a house on the Cape and so did Meaghan’s parents, so we just kind of found each other in the same space,” Taylor says. “The summertime on the Cape is so magical, and we grew from there.”

“We were together every day for that ‘first magical summer,’ as Taylor coined it,” Meaghan confirms. “Pretty much every waking moment. Ice cream and books and movies and beach trips.”

The two connected over their shared love of humanities and books like Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. “Meaghan is a poet,” Taylor explains. “And I have a master’s in philosophy. So, once we saw that side of each other, something clicked and we felt the connection. We saw each other for more than what you see passing by.”

When their first summer together came to an end, they dated long distance for a year. “While challenging, it allowed for self-growth. We moved in together that following summer and brought home our mini Cobberdog ‘Plato,’ named after no other. He’s our baby,” says Meaghan.

It was also around this time Meaghan says their relationship got more serious. “We made an unwritten commitment to one another, and then spent the next three years traveling. We would go to Florida together. We went to Seattle. We did trips to the Vineyard.”

Taylor proposed to Meaghan on a cliff overlooking a quaint beach in Marion in May, 2021…

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