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A Warm Hug.

Does your home feel like it needs a warm hug? It’s the mission of Anne Lydia, LLC to bring this to life with her client’s wants and needs. With a trademark “Let’s make your home feel like a hug.”™ Anne Mahoney and her design team work effortlessly with tradesmen and clients to bring a new vision to life.

“So many times, people don’t understand why their place doesn’t feel comfortable,” says Mahoney. “We look at the entire area to really understand how to include that warmth and relaxation. It can range from small to large scale revisions and we do it all. We like to let the home speak to us. We listen to how the rooms will be used with families and how they would best enjoy the space,” says Mahoney.

Now at a time where the world is craving human connection more than ever, it’s so important to have our homes feel comforting. Hiring a design team that values your needs can transform not only your home but your life. Check out AnneLydia.com or follow her team on Instagram @annelydia.llc to watch as she transforms homes into a warm embrace. She just might also…melt your heart.


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