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Cape Cod Life  /  April/May 2022 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Chikmedia, a boutique marketing and PR firm, started six years ago when Meghan Rothschild took the leap to purposefully channel her passion for helping women stake a flag in the business world. “During the first year, I was still working full time,” explains Rothschild. “And I continued to work full time for three years after starting the company.” In addition to the hard work required to get Chikmedia off the ground, Rothschild herself had an uphill battle. “I’ve had people tell me that when I first came on the scene, they thought, ‘She doesn’t know what she’s talking about,’” Rothschild laughs. “Sometimes when people see you having fun, there’s a misconception that you don’t work very hard. My own personal brand is sometimes serious and sometimes silly and sometimes brash. People now approach me because of my strong social media presence.” 

Today, with a synergetic team of innovative and creative women, Chikmedia has seen success all over the country, and have a roster of clients across Cape Cod. “Social media is critical to marketing strategy–it’s one of the most important things that you can do for your business,” Rothschild says. “You wouldn’t have a party and invite everyone over to your house if it was a mess.” Rothschild comes down to the Cape frequently to her property in Harwich Port, for both business and leisure. “We have so much happening on the Cape; we have really great relationships with many clients here,” she emphasizes. “We’ve worked with Cape Cod Young Professionals in the past, and we have consultations with a variety of businesses. I personally have deep Cape Cod lineage–that’s where my roots are.”

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