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Ermine Lovell is entering its 88th year in the real estate business. With an expert group of agents, headed by Katie Collette and Kim Stockwell, Ermine Lovell’s key to ensuring their clients find a home in the perfect location is based on their own experiences as Cape Codders.

“Each village is different,” Collette says. “There are so many unique spots, and to have extensive knowledge of the area can make a huge difference.”

Quintessentially matched with the Cape lifestyle and landscape, their boutique office sets them apart. “In this market, to have an agent who is ‘boots on the ground’, and who has those connections with families who have lived here for generations, is so important”, Stockwell emphasizes. The one constant factor, and what the company was founded on, is the continuous building of personal relationships with people. “It’s quite amazing to have clients whose parents, grandparents, and/or family members have done business with our company,” Collette says. It seems that the company’s generational connections, as well as word of mouth and internet presence, continue to keep them as one of the top tier offices in the area.

And within the office itself? “We strive to have an upbeat, happy vibe,” Stockwell illustrates. “We’re involved in one of the biggest financial decisions that our clients make in their lives. It can be a roller coaster ride. We strive to keep our office atmosphere positive, and want our clients and customers to feel this when they walk in our door.”

Ultimately, it can be said that Ermine Lovell Real Estate does make dreams come true–and where else would that adage come to life but Cape Cod? “It really comes down to the core values and foundation that Ermine and Francesca built,” Collette states. “This guides us in this ever changing real estate world. As long as we stick to our core values of top-level service to our clients, we’ll continue to succeed for another 100 years.”

The Ermine Lovell Real Estate office is located at 550 West Falmouth Highway, West Falmouth. For more information, visit erminelovell.com or call 508-548-0703.

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