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Staying in Focus

With his 1950’s camera in tow, Michael Kahn photographs the world’s finest boats and seascapes. To this day, Kahn still capture everything on his film cameras, producing handmade photography in his darkroom that even landed him on Oprah.

Michael Kahn • Over the Dunes

Focus Gallery also offers corporate fine art consulting. “Clients usually find us through the gallery, and we will develop proposals for a few prints, or plan an entire building installation. Depending upon what the client is looking for, we are able to source work from artists, not just our own featured artists.” Working alongside corporate committees and teams, Focus Gallery’s art specialists have helped fit entire corporate buildings such as Mathworks, Rockland Trust Company, Lululemon Athletic and more with exceptionally produced art. 

For the last 15 years, David Hills has captured the day-to-day activities of the commercial fishing industry. He shares, “When you get down to it, I love boats, water and fish.” Through his love of photography, he has been able to support our local fishermen.

David Hills • Skate Necklace, (Chatham Fisherman)

In addition to their corporate consulting, Focus Gallery also works closely with designers, builders, and architects to fit homes with artwork that will provide major impact on the projects. With a 72-hour trial period, local clients are able to take a piece of art home to truly see how it works in their space, “Sometimes it really is a matter of taking it home and looking at it within the space,” shares Vallino. “We also create a Photoshop view of what the piece would look like in our client’s space, which is helpful for our long-distance clients.” With an almost a non-existent rate of return, Focus Gallery truly finds the right piece for a prospective space. “We have a lot of larger pieces at the gallery, so they need special shipping. At least 60% of what we sell we ship somewhere.” That somewhere includes significant client bases in New York, Florida and California. Vallino goes on to say, “We pretty much ship everywhere and we have clients from all over who have continued to source from us over the years, so it is important that the piece is the right fit.”

Michele Dragonetti specializes in architecture and urban landscapes, currently capturing abstract patterns with her Boat Hull series, she explains, “Photos in the ongoing series transform often humble vessels into abstract portraits, revealing their individual identity and experience and celebrating their imperfect appeal.”

Michele Dragonetti • La Buena Vida

As an acclaimed portrait photographer–of whales, Bryant Austin raises awareness of the incredible species through his breathtaking, often life-sized artwork. “They have this great mystery about them,” Austin says. “I want to inspire more people to be curious.”

Bryant Austin • Beneath the Surface

Complementing the captivating images that command attention on the walls of the gallery, Vallino says that photography and “coffee table” books are also popular with her clients. Working directly with publishers, Focus has also brought in titles from photographers other than the ones represented, as well as books that highlight and benefit environmental conservation issues, “Which is kind of the gallery’s overall theme,” Vallino remarks. Undeniably, all of the photography at Focus Gallery represents a quintessential coastal feeling. And although the featured artists rarely rotate, each year the eight featured artists continue to bring new work in to keep the walls of the Chatham gallery fresh. Thankfully this year is no different for Focus Gallery, as the summer 2021 features new work, upcoming artist events, and the celebration at their Chatham location of the 11th anniversary. 

To keep up with upcoming events visit Focus Gallery is located at 595 Main Street in Chatham. For more information or to place an order visit or call 508-348-1493

Christina Galt is the editorial assistant/ digital coordinator for Cape Cod Life Publications.

Focus Gallery Events

  • Brian Skerry ~ “Secrets of the Whales” Book signing event and new photographs from the whale series introduced.  Tuesday, July 13  11:00 to 4:00.  Advance purchase of books is recommended. 
  • Michele Dragonetti ~ Boat Hulls.  Artist appearance in gallery.  August 14; 1:00-5:00 
  • Bryant Austin ~ “Beautiful Whale” Book signing and gallery appearance.  August 28 and 29; 10:00-5:00   
  • Michael Kahn ~ Book signing event and new photographs on display.  September (Date TBD) 

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