Focus: AFS Mosaics

Cape Cod Home  /  Early Summer 2021 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Custom mosaic installations put the custom touch on home design.

Ariel and Brian Shoemaker have been designing one-of-a-kind mosaic art pieces for residential and corporate clients since 2002. Inspired by unseen patterns in nature, Ariel’s custom mosaics are at once whimsical and vibrant, calming and muted. Nationally recognized for their signature Gradient and Undulation styles, AFS Mosaics can be found in over 15 states. 

Based outside Boston, Massachusetts, AFS Mosaics works with interior designers, architects and home-owners all over the world to create original backsplashes and hanging art installations that elevate any space. 

AFS Mosaics is a family business, combining the artistic talents of Ariel and Brian Shoemaker. Ariel has been breaking glass since 2002 with the support of Brian as the company’s Operations Director. Brian, an artist and math teacher, delivers precision and balance to Ariel’s boundless creative vision.  This infusion of technical excellence dances effortlessly through the movement and color of each piece, making every custom installation unparalleled in quality and artistry. 

Ariel and Brian have three children who have “grown up around glass.” Their design studio sits right in the heart of their family home, signifying the love and care that inspires the work.  “We started this business as a quality of life decision; a labor of love. Our love for the work deepens with each project. The relationships we’ve built have been extraordinary, but the best moment is always the reaction when the final piece is installed.”

Each glass piece fits together with purpose, evoking a sometimes indescribable, yet immediately felt, sensation or mood. Ariel’s unique ability to listen to the client creates exquisite pieces imbued with meaning. Her natural gift to “see and get people” coupled with her innate ability to bring stories, places and emotions to life in her mosaics has led to her growing success in the field.