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 At Casabella Interiors, a boutique and high-end interior design service, perfect is the standard.

“I have always loved the hunt for that perfect something, whether it’s a sofa, dresser, or piece of artwork,” Michele Chagnon-Holbrook, president of Casabella Interiors says. After 10 years in the business, Casabella’s boutique is an impressive, curated collection of found objects, thanks to Chagnon-Holbrook’s passion for discovering those perfect pieces. Together, the boutique and interior design service make Casabella Interiors a high-touch business specializing in the extraordinary. 

After a long corporate career, Chagnon-Holbrook decided to take on a new challenge. Within her first month of opening a home furnishing shop in Sandwich, customers began to ask her to pick out their own furnishing needs. This soon led to designing entire residences and assisting in the concept-to-build process. With new build projects, the Casabella team gets involved in all aspects of the home from flooring, to windows and doors, to electrical and tile to ensure clients receive the best of the best throughout the project. The team also includes crews for cabinetry, electrical, plumbing and painting to alleviate stress for the client. “We create an experience for our clients. Eternal detailing is what we do. Each house tells a story. To create that story, it’s our job to learn the kind of details the homeowner wants to tell. Design is in our DNA,” Chagnon-Holbrook shares. “We do the entire house for our clients so when they open the door, candles are lit, beds are made, and accessories are on the coffee tables. We are really turning these houses into homes. It’s not just items they’ve purchased from Casabella—they’ve really found objects that tie into their history,” she continues.

The shop features over 3,000 vendors that have been thoughtfully selected. “Our shop is a physical representation of how hard our team has worked to reach the level that we have. We go out and jury everything and bring in the best. I like to brand us as masters of the uncommon.”

For Casabella Interiors, it comes down to thought and service. Chagnon-Holbrook and her team go the extra mile to bring their clients’ stories to life. For every project, the company takes a team approach for added efficiency and collaboration, continually staying ahead of timelines. “I have an amazing staff. We push ourselves every day to work at our peak and beyond. Providing that unrivaled service in this industry is really what we’re all about,” she says. Whether in the boutique or through design services, Casabella Interiors delivers an extraordinary experience. 

For more information visit casabellainteriors.com or call 508-888-8688.

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