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Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

At Pastiche of Cape Cod, interior design is about curating beautiful spaces that truly improve a client’s quality of life.

For Irina MacPhee, president of Pastiche of Cape Cod, interior design is about improving her clients’ quality of life by creating the solution to their dreams. After almost 34 years in the business, Pastiche of Cape Cod is a design staple not only locally, but for clients across the nation. “For us, it’s about improving the quality of life through design,” says MacPhee. “We give the extra 20 percent in everything that we do. It’s that personal relationship and service that we really care about. That is what we do differently.”

When her company began, the Cape lacked a place for people to find quality sheets, towels, or unique home accents. Pastiche of Cape Cod’s previous storefront became that hub. Now, they have shifted to a full-service design company that fulfills an array of remodeling needs. “The Cape has grown so much, and now we are focused on remodeling and interior design. We have our own line of cabinetry and do kitchens and baths,” MacPhee says. Especially now, as people refocus on their homes, her team is ensuring they shift to offer the best, most timely services possible. “Times have changed and we have been blessed that we have recognized trends, paid attention to the pulse of the design world and listened to our clients to fulfill those needs,” she adds. In the past year, MacPhee’s daughter Adin Weatherley has officially stepped on board as senior project manager, adding her own flair to their work.

For the past 15 years, MacPhee has been perfecting her own fully custom cabinet line called Water-Mark©. This high-quality cabinetry was designed to continually offer the best value to her clients. As MacPhee believes, “It is the best investment you can make. I use it in most of my projects because I believe it is the best option for the client. I ask myself, if I were the client, what would I want? The best value—so let’s provide that.”

It is that level of care and understanding that continues to distinguish Pastiche’s work. No detail is ever overlooked, and every corner is thoughtfully accounted for. “It’s not just about buying things; it’s always about improving quality of life,” MacPhee notes. Her final results are timeless spaces, regardless of particular style. “It’s identifying a client’s dreams and translating that into the scope of the project to get them where they can’t even imagine. We really care about our clients; I remain friends with most of them for years to come. There’s a reason for that: they know we want what is best for them. My favorite moment is the reveal where it all comes together,” she reflects. In each of Pastiche of Cape Cod’s projects, the quality and attention to detail is evident. Beginning with a vision, the talent behind Pastiche transforms spaces into breathtaking havens where homeowners can unwind amidst an atmosphere truly curated to their style.

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