Focus: Washashore Home, Inc.

Cape Cod Home  /  Winter 2020 /

Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

Washashore Home brings dynamic perspectives to locals—and fellow washashores—across the region. 

Neither Sarah Waldo nor Peyton Lambton were born Cape-side of the Bourne or Sagamore Bridges, making them what locals refer to as “washashores.” Instead of brushing off this label, the two took the mantle up with pride, naming their design firm Washashore Home, Inc. in honor of their off-Cape roots. 

The dynamics between the two talented women turned out to be a perfect storm for collaboration, and Washashore was born. Their “rustic coastal” style is a melding of their backgrounds, and the mercurial nature of the coast, ever-changing in mood and texture, is an ongoing source of inspiration for the duo. 

“The sand and the waves—how that is constantly changing,” says Waldo of this inspiration so iconic to the region. “How it can feel really bright and clean and fresh, or how a misty day can be really serene and neutral. It’s just a dynamic influence that we love working with.”

They apply these themes to projects in ways that complement and highlight their clients’ own style. Sometimes a treasured heirloom or a special souvenir can serve as a starting point, anchoring the space. Often, it is the choice of material—a neutral tile in an interesting pattern or an unusual lighting fixture—that adds understated moments of excitement to their designs. One material they love exploring with their clients is wallpaper. The budget-friendly price point can allow more conservative clients to take a risk in smaller spaces, applying a playful print, texture or color as an unexpected and impactful accent. 

Their work is found across New England, but no matter how far from the Cape coast they travel, primary for Waldo and Lambton in their work will always be crafting spaces for their clients that are at once places of curated beauty and complete comfort.  

For more information visit washashorehome.com or call 508-594-9247.