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A trusted relationship implies something that is earned over time. But how do you begin a trusted relationship, with a wealth manager for example? Annette Crowley, CRPC, LUTCF, an independent financial consultant with LPL Financial at North River Financial, LLC in Mashpee Commons is here to help.

Crowley an investment professional who has been working with clients to optimize their portfolios for 23 years says she and her clients often become as close as family. “Of course managing someone’s investments is a very personal matter,” she explains. “As a result you need to be able to establish trust, and once that trust is proven, it often becomes a wonderful foundation for a more meaningful relationship.”

Crowley’s expertise as an independent financial consultant allows her greater flexibility to offer her clients the best options suited to their needs. “I am able to customize a portfolio of investment for each client, instead of offering pre-packaged funds that other institutions are quick to recommend,” Crowley says. “Each client is different, has different goals, and different degrees of risk-tolerance. You need to really understand your clients to be able to do the best job possible for them.”

Crowley’s affiliation with North River Financial, LLC allows her to offer her clients expanded access to services, resources and support, all while leveraging her history of leadership roles and advisory roles at national and regional banks, as well as her ability to offer insurance products.

Working with the right professional is key; key to establishing trust and key to ensuring success. As Crowley puts it, “You work hard all of your life, you need someone to work hard for you now.” 

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