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Exceptional real estate service for 85 years.

In 1935, Ermine Lovell opened the doors to her privately owned, one-woman real estate office in Falmouth. What started with rentals grew to cater to buyers and sellers as well. As Ermine started to age out of the business and considered retiring, she brought in Francesca Parkinson in 1984, who would go on to purchase the business in the early 2000s. Like Ermine, she ran the company as a one-woman show. In 2008 Francesca hired Kimberly Stockwell, current Principal Broker. The business continued to grow, with the addition of Katie Collette, current Principal Managing Broker. With the goal of carrying on their mentor’s legacy, Kimberly and Katie bought the business in April of 2020 and have continued in Francesca and Ermine’s footsteps. 

When you’re looking to buy or sell on the Cape, who knows the area better than locals? “Our goal is to keep it small, keep it local, and still be privately owned, independent and the oldest real estate office in Falmouth,” says Kim. Both Kim and Katie seem to have been born to succeed Ermine and Francesca, with rich histories in real estate and Cape Cod. “There are so many different villages and communities just here in Falmouth, and they’re all so different, so when we’re working with clients, having that inside knowledge of the area is key,” says Katie. “And one thing Francesca drilled into us is always, always give the highest level of service. A lot of our current rental clients, had parents and grandparents who rented or bought from Ermine in the 40s and 50s, which is amazing. We are still seeing this today as we serve generations.” 

Kim and Katie are honoring the women who came before them by continuing their mission of providing quality, specialized services through a small, independent and locally women-owned business. 

550 West Falmouth Highway, Falmouth