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Rockland Trust Investment Management Group offers a comprehensive solution to managing finances, taking a personal approach with each client to ensure fulfilling futures. 

“It’s a very comprehensive solution. We are doing much more than just managing money. We’re helping people think much more broadly than that,” says David Smith, CFA, Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer of Rockland Trust Investment Management Group. This comprehensive approach means their services stretch across various needs. “We help our clients invest their money, that’s an important part of
the solution, but we also do financial planning, trust and estate planning, insurance analysis, tax analysis, and retirement planning services,” Smith continues.

The Investment Management Group has over 80 professionals located across Massachusetts and Rhode Island within the Rockland Trust Footprint. The company’s tagline, “Where each relationship matters,” is deeply valued in all of their work. In managing personal finances, professionals understand the scope of their clients’ lives in order to optimally plan for the future. “Our focus is absolutely taking a personal approach to helping individuals and their families, businesses and organizations plan for and manage their financial futures. That’s the goal. We feel like if we do our jobs well, our clients will have an easier time with their financial lives and that will help them have a more fulfilling life,” Smith says.

One of Rockland Trust’s key commitments is to strengthen the community they serve. “Our pledge is that we will strengthen the communities in which we live and work and build enduring relationships. We’ve lived that. We all live in these communities and we want to make them better for that reason,” Smith notes. Most of the Investment Management Group is involved in local nonprofit organizations, whether through volunteer activity or serving on boards.

Within the past year, Rockland Trust Investment Management Group has responded to the need for remote services, effectively maintaining client relationships and offering remote meetings with digital services. Throughout an unpredictable 2020, they proactively reached out to clients with information and opinions on the economic climate. “We delivered the message that things will be okay. I think that will continue to happen in 2021. My hope is that as we get further into the year, we can connect with our clients face-to-face and see them at community events once again,” Smith says. 

Moving forward in 2021, Rockland Trust Investment Management Group is focusing on expanding and reinforcing their capabilities within special needs trusts. These trusts are set up for special needs individuals with a goal to set money aside to continue leading their lifestyle when their caretakers are no longer around. “It’s a niche we knew a bit about, but we have really reinforced our capabilities there. We are excited about bringing this service to the marketplace. We want to make that a success,” Smith comments.

David Smith has been with Rockland Trust for over 16 years in its Osterville location. What he values most is the personal element of the company. “What we’re doing here is helping individuals that we can connect with. We get to know who they are. It’s really neat to be helping this type of client,” he says. Moving towards the future, Rockland Trust Investment Management Group continues to uphold its personal care for the community and the wellbeing of its clients.

Ranked the 17th Largest Independent Investment Adviser in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal, with nearly $5 billion in AUM, 10 Investment Offices, 37 professional designations, and a 96% client satisfaction rating, Rockland Trust Investment Management Group continues to grow and fulfill client needs.