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Focus On: Good Life New England

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Writer: Cape Cod Life Publications

For principal and lead designer Glenn Meader of Good Life New England, much of the business is about finding that perfect harmony between different aspects of home design. “I always say that if you were to take a Venn diagram of architecture, interior design, and custom cabinetry, we would fall somewhere in the middle,” laughs his wife Angelique, whose background in business and marketing provides the perfect balance to the couple’s craft.

With a strong, dependable team in place, Good Life finds their niche in custom cabinetry and residential design, with a refined focus on space planning. Their projects range from full-scale remodels to individual room design; from interior transformations to outdoor revamps. As their team explains it, their unique combination of skills allows them to provide a wealth of expertise and value to their clients. 

“We are blessed with such amazing clients that really value what we do,” enthuses Angelique, explaining that their “small but mighty” team of five works entirely referral based. “When we begin working with a client, we start by figuring out what they’re trying to solve. We really focus on asking the ‘right’ questions, and often it takes us in unexpected directions.”

The vast array of experience that the Good Life team provides means that their clients enjoy design curated with an incredibly thoughtful outlook – because the team is able to examine and evaluate from many different perspectives. “Our goal is always to overserve our clients, no matter where their design journey takes them.” The Good Life experience comes complete with a boutique kitchen and bath studio, “it’s not your average showroom,” explains Angelique. “It functions more as a design studio with a focus on collaboration and curation.” Good Life also offers 3D modeling software, providing clients with an immersive experience before ever needing to commit to ever-challenging selections like finishes, paint colors, and special setups.  

“Our second biggest goal is to bring our family values into everything we do. We consider everyone we work with—from client to employee—like family,” explains Angelique. “When a client comes into our world, it’s important to us to get to know them, to deeply understand the challenges they want to solve, and to be respectful of their lives as we work. We want our clients to be happy with not just the end result, but also the process.” And, through thoughtful collaboration, and of course their star component of incredible custom cabinetry, Good Life always delivers on that end.

“I always tell Glenn that he has the best job in the world, and he agrees. He’ll say, ‘Everyday I get to do exactly what I love for people who genuinely appreciate it.’ There’s really nothing more meaningful that you could ask for,” says Angelique. “And, that’s how the name came to be. We were thinking about what we should call our business—what this should be about—and we thought of living the best life you can dream up. It might seem a little vague, but that’s okay because the point is that living a ‘good life’ is different for everyone. It’s just our goal to help people achieve it.”

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