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Focus On: Lineal Architects + Builders

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Welcome to the Lineal experience.

Designing a dream home is usually a once in a lifetime experience. That’s what architect Ben LaMora considers each time the Lineal team prepares for a meeting with a new client.  “There are so many details we’re required to gather in order to design and build a home—no matter the size. But that’s not what it’s about for our clients,” says Ben. “They’ve dreamed of walking through the front door; they’ve been imagining family gatherings and holiday weekends.” The Lineal process allows that dream to remain in focus from start to finish.

“Our approach is personal and collaborative,” Alyssa explains. Because Lineal is primarily a design/build firm, relationship development is a top priority.  Those first meetings often start by looking at photos and sketches to determine the direction and style the project will take on.  “We’re of the belief that great design can take many forms—we are here to facilitate, inspire and execute for our clients.”  The diversity of Lineal’s project portfolio speaks to their expertise and flexibility.  

Lineal projects go through four major phases: discovery, site study, design and construction.  “We believe the design/build process is integral to project success, which is achieved through continuity, quality and collaboration,” Ben says.  With years of experience and a passion for intelligent construction, Ben and the team are their clients’ faithful advocates as they manage and simplify the complex building experience. “Because we’re there from day one, we can creatively tackle wish list items and offer complete, real-world solutions.”

“Everyone has a dream home in them, we are here to make it even better.”  – Ben + Alyssa LaMora 

About Lineal Architects + Builders:

Lineal Architects + Builders is a boutique architecture and building firm serving Cape Cod and the South Shore.  They specialize in high-end custom homes, forming a true partnership with homeowners from concept to completion. Ben and Alyssa LaMora formed Lineal in 2004. Over the past two decades, the company has grown considerably.  The team includes highly-skilled and experienced carpenters as well as an expert management staff to oversee all phases of projects.  

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