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An eye on design and a mind for business: Michelle Woeller.

Stylish interiors and breathtaking landscapes overlap at Summerland Homes and Gardens—the design-­focused business launched in 2013. 

Summerland showcases Woeller’s expertise in creating casually elegant interiors and tranquil outdoor landscape and living spaces. Using stylistic elements like textures, symmetry, and colors to create continuity between her interior and exterior projects, she layers furnishings and decor with an inspired selection of textiles and accent pieces to bring a sense of history and depth to the spaces she designs—all while keeping the client’s vision in sight. 

Woeller’s studies in interior design and fashion merchandising inform her approach to her projects. These overlapping experiences drive Woeller’s foundational elements of good design. 

The design industry is a network of supportive individuals, from which Woeller draws encouragement and energy from the work of other women within the industry. Many of the stunning selection of textiles featured in Summerland’s Osterville shop at 845 Main Street, come from women-owned businesses.

Fueled by creativity, Woeller radiates an evident energy, excitement, and love for her work and the company she’s built—a meaningful measure of success for any business owner. From opening the storefront in 2019, to receiving multiple Houzz awards, and participating in House Beautiful’s One Room Challenge, business for Woeller is buzzing. 

Even after half a decade of living on the Cape, Woeller continues to pull inspiration from the natural beauty of the coastal landscape surrounding her. She has a deep sense of pride for the business she has built here, and looks forward to seeing Summerland grow and flourish.  

“I love what I do,” Woeller says. “Every time I come through the front door, I am so grateful for the opportunity I have with the business I’ve created.” 



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