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Cape Cod Life  /  July 2023 /

Writer: Leslie Hatton / Photographer: Douglas Riviere 

At Provincetown’s Mezzeterranean, it’s the feeling of family that keeps everyone coming back for more. Opening a restaurant is, well, it’s a lot of things: it’s exciting—bringing a concept to life, creating and planning a menu, and finding a location that inspires you. It’s daunting—the financial investment is overwhelming and it’s said that over 50% of restaurants fail within their first year. It’s stressful—owners must become familiar with local zoning and permitting regulations, health codes, licenses and finding qualified, reliable staff. It’s rewarding—becoming involved in the community, building relationships and fostering goodwill with customers and staff alike. When these pieces click into place and it all comes together—like it has at Mezzeterranean in Provincetown, it’s also a little bit magical.  Brandon Quesnell, a San Diego native, grew up in a Mexican family, where the kitchen was thought to be a woman’s place, and men would be quickly shooed away. Undaunted by the norm, Quesnell would often sneak back in to his grandmother’s kitchen to watch her, mesmerized by what she was able to do. These stolen moments left an imprint on his heart—inspired by her creations and instilling a love for cooking.  He says, “People would tell my grandmother she should open her own restaurant, but she had other responsibilities and just couldn’t do what she loved; so I sort of took on that dream of hers.”  When he made the decision to attend culinary and not medical school he remembers, “My father gave me the biggest hug and said, “We’re going to have a chef in the family!””  Quesnell worked for over 10 years for industry giant, Whole Foods, watching the company grow and expand while nurturing his customer service and hospitality instincts. Steve Katsurinis, was an attorney and executive working in both the federal government and nonprofit sectors. An…

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Leslie Hatton

Leslie (Horne) Hatton enthusiastically joined Cape Cod Life in October of 2022. Educated in Mashpee and Falmouth, she graduated from Assumption College and received her Master of Education degree from Lesley College. A former teacher, she has taught middle school, preschool and most recently, fifth grade. She and her husband Tom have three children: Aidan, Colin, and Erin. Their newest family member is Millie, an outgoing, outrageously happy chocolate lab. She loves to talk about all of them so better not ask. One neat tidbit about Leslie is that she is the author of the locally best-selling children’s book Cape Cod ABCs, with over 10K books sold on Cape Cod, the Islands and across Massachusetts. Happiest in the summer with a little sun on her face, she loves being with friends and her family, laughing, drinking and eating all over beautiful Cape Cod.