Good Things in LIFE: Duck Duck Give!

Cape Cod Life  /  November/December 2023 /

Writer: Christina Galt

Good Things in LIFE is back to shine a light on an island business doing good! For Nantucket author and Mom A.K. Spurway, her best-selling beloved children’s book Ack the Nantucket Duckling sparked an idea to design children’s clothing inspired by the little duck himself. “Have his message virtually woven right into the fabric,” shares Spurway of the conception of the idea. “I’ve heard so many little giggles and heartfelt wishes to have Ack’s tale close, especially on days with scraped knees or shy first hellos. Inspired by these pure voices, I poured my love and Mom-wisdom into creating an apparel line that’s like a warm, reassuring hug from our friend, Ack.”  Her line of children’s clothing bears the name “Nanducket,” a playful way of intersecting Ack and the island. “Our mission at Nanducket is twofold, first, to celebrate the difference in each child and to arm them with confidence that makes them bully-proof; and second, to remind every child of a profound truth—what makes us all the same, is that everyone of us is different,” explains Spurway. “We have different strengths, weaknesses, talents, likes—each difference is a gift if we let it be.”  Coinciding with their mission, every purchase from Nanducket helps support the nonprofit STOMP Out Bullying® whose mission is to prevent bullying, cyberbullying and more. “As a Mom, every time I read Ack the Nantucket Duckling to my kids, I’m reminded of how much stories can shield our little ones from the harsh realities they might face, like bullying. STOMP Out Bullying® seemed like a natural ally,” she shares. Nanducket also contributes to the Boys and Girls Club, Inky Santa, and other initiatives that support children and their well-being. “It’s a little way of saying, ‘We’re in this together,’” says Spurway. “It’s not all business—it’s about creating…

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Christina Galt

Christina Galt is the Digital Editor at Cape Cod Life Publications. Born and raised on the Cape, Christina has always had a love for the ocean and everything "Cape Cod." She found herself the perfect home away from home at the University of Rhode Island and double majored in Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies. After graduating, Christina came back to the Cape and started her journey at Cape Cod Life. She spends most of her free time with her family, especially her chocolate lab Sadie, and enjoys spending summers on her family’s boat.