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The Windward communities are a testament to the success McPhee Associates has had in anticipating the kind of homes, and neighborhoods by extension, their clients are looking for. The journey began with the original neighborhood the company created 40 years ago: Windward. Windward was a uniquely desirable option for homeowners who were looking for a seasonal home that would ultimately become a retirement home. “Most of our business is considered ‘scattered-site’, meaning we build and renovate homes on sites that homeowners already own,” McPhee explains. “Many clients would like to build a brand new home and therefore they are looking for land. But land is hard to find on the Cape. We were lucky 40 years ago to have acquired a parcel of land in Dennis that we could offer to those clients if they were interested; that was the first Windward neighborhood. It consisted of 53 executive lots that could accommodate 3,000+ square foot homes that would meet some clients’ needs.” Windward East came to fruition when access to a landlocked parcel McPhee owned adjacent to Windward was finally facilitated in 2009. That created the adjacent community, Windward East with 13 one-acre lots. A third neighborhood, across the street, Windward Village was established in 2017 with nine smaller 20,000 square foot home sites on nine acres, perfect for slightly more modestly scaled homes. 

All three communities are set in quiet, wooded settings that encourage walking, running, and exploration of the surrounding open space, and together the communities offer three levels of home ownership, all while providing the desirable neighborhoods with pride of ownership and the quality construction the McPhee name has come to represent. “The different price points are solely driven by the scale,” McPhee explains. “Across the three neighborhoods we have homes that meet the needs of homeowners who may be in different stages of their lives.”

Chris Flanagan, executive officer of the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod says McPhee’s Windward Village is an ideal project to kick-off the Parade of Homes the organization is introducing this year. “Cape Cod occupies such a special place in people’s minds and hearts, that for those fortunate enough to have a home here, we hope this virtual showcase of homes will offer inspiration as well as education,” Flanagan says. “Our members are so talented and dedicate themselves to provide the best product possible for their clients and McPhee Associates exemplifies that perfectly. Add to that, the fact that Windward Village offers a unique solution to homeowners who want to downsize, but still enjoy the high-quality they are looking for.” 

For more information on McPhee Associates or the Windward East and Windward Village developments, visit

In 2021 the Home Builders and Remodelers Association of Cape Cod is introducing a new virtual home tour on their website 

Look for the behind-the-scenes story of future homes to be featured on the tour in each issue of Cape Cod HOME throughout 2021.

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