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Gunkholing: An Off-Season Getaway

Gunk’holing is the art of getting a boat into any small shallow cove, forbidden to boats of deeper draft and out again, without running aground much over a dozen times.

J. Benjamin

One quiet weekend in this off-season, Judy, Max, Josh and his friend Savannah, and I spent three nights on Martha’s Vineyard.

First we went to Oak Bluffs to see Judy’s brother, Bill and the fabulous home he is building for himself there.

The Sydney Hotel

Speaking of fabulous, we stayed at The Sydney Hotel in Edgartown. I would recommend The Sydney very highly. Speaking of recommendations: breakfast at the Edgartown Diner, lunch at Dos Mas in Oak Bluffs, and dinner at the Rockfish and Alchemy, both in Edgartown. Oh yes, and lunch at the Lookout Tavern in Oak Bluffs.

An important high point of the weekend was the four wheel drive on the outer beach on Chappaquiddick North to the Cape Poge Lighthouse and south to Wasque Point. I would like to share with you here some of the photos capturing the high points of that drive…  

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