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Inspiration in bloom

Peter Malone Marsha Malone

Marsha’s interior design business, Nautique, deftly creates seaside flair for homeowners across the region. Photo by Dan Cutrona

It wasn’t long before people on their way to the beach would stop and ask where the Malones had purchased their shutters. The first time he was asked, Peter replied, “Seaport Shutter Company,” prompting a surprised look from Marsha. Her surprise grew when he continued, “I manufacture them.” Given the state of the high-tech industry at the end of the ’90s, it was only a matter of time before the Malones committed to focusing on their new Cape Cod business.

The acquisition of a historic gas station on Route 6A in Brewster became the foundation of the business. Peter refers to the launch of his business as one of their many “Chardonnay-induced decisions.” Peter and Marsha discussed what Marsha’s role might be in the operation. She mused, “Well, I love antiques, and I love everything nautical… What if I open a store and we call it Nautique?” At the end of her first summer with the store, a client came in and asked Marsha to come to her house and give it the “Nautique look.” Marsha exclaimed, “I have a look!”

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