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Inspiration in bloom

Peter Malone Marsha Malone

Peter’s company, Seaport Shutter, welcomes you home with his many unique doors.

As both businesses found success, it opened up more opportunites. In 2012 Lauren Huard, the Malone’s eldest daughter, joined the business. One day the family found themselves relaxing on the big grassy front yard, but without the right chairs—and so another product was born when Peter created the first Seaport Shutter Classic Adirondack Chair. Another source of inspiration from the Sea Street house was an attempt to recreate the nostalgia that comes from the pitter-patter of happy bare feet in the summer followed by the thwack of the screen door. Hence, the creation of the ever-popular Seaport Shutter Company’s mahogany screen doors.

For the Malones, the time spent with their expanding family, which now includes two grandchildren (with another on the way in 2018), is what makes all of the hard work worth the effort. “The house on Sea Street was the catalyst for everything that followed,” Marsha says. “That moment Peter so naturally stated that we are Seaport Shutter Company, we manufacture these shutters, everything crystalized. You never know where life is going to lead you, you just have to enjoy the ride.”

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