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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Cape & Islands designers create holiday splendor with their inspired Christmas tree designs

Christmas tree designs

Photographed at The Car Barn at The Field Club designed by Patrick Ahern, Photo by Mike Crane

Think of your fondest, most heartwarming holiday memories—surely many of those moments took place around the Christmas tree. It’s hard to forget the joy you felt, or the wonder you’ve seen in your children’s eyes, upon awaking on Christmas morning to the sight of Santa’s bounty underneath a twinkling tree. A Christmas tree can evoke such magic and nostalgia, and remind us of what makes the holiday season so special—quality time spent with loved ones.

The five trees featured on the following pages are each uniquely decorated, from traditional to contemporary, but they all evoke a sense of Christmas spirit sure to delight and inspire you this holiday season. To add even more local flavor, we asked the five designers to share the stories and inspirations behind their colorful holiday creations. – Haley Cote, staff writer, Cape Cod Life Publications

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