2020 Visionaries: Jonathan Thompson

Cape Cod Life  /  June 2020 /

Writer: Allyson Plessner

Unofficial Mayor of Cape Cod; Instigator of Positivity

“One love. One family. One community.”

“I really mean that,” says Jonathan Thompson, who coined the slogan to describe his motivational journey—one that he documents through his online platform, JT’s Chronicles. “I started JT’s Chronicles after a knee surgery,” explains Thompson. “I was always trying to find ways to make people laugh and to remind myself that things could be worse.” Today, JT’s Chronicles is an ever-growing platform for Thompson to share his life, connect with the Cape community, and most importantly for him, spread positivity.

From his early days in a boy band to owning his own entertainment company and producing everything from events and parties to radio shows and blood drives, Thompson is no stranger to giving back to his community. Positivity is more than just his brand—it’s his lifestyle. “When I talk about what motivates me, I would say my kids, of course, but beyond that, I think simply waking up every morning is huge,” says Thompson. “You’re here for a purpose. Don’t waste it. Finish a project; correct a mistake; apologize. I hope that’s the kind of mindset that rubs off on people. That’s the legacy I want to leave.”

In 2018, Thompson was named the unofficial “Mayor of Cape Cod” at the Art Westfall Foundation’s annual Bartender’s Ball. And, his contagious personality reaches beyond just his home of Cape Cod. People all over the world tune in for his daily video blogs like the “morning bus ride with Bob.” “I want to spread positivity throughout the world,” says Thompson. “The world is actually a small place. Now with coronavirus, I feel like people are really understanding what I’m saying: we’re in this together. And when we come out of this, I hope we can make the world a better place, together.”

While finding the time and enthusiasm to lift so many spirits is certainly a full-time job itself, Thompson is also a nurse’s aide in the operating room at Cape Cod Hospital, where his infectious energy is certainly an asset. Recently, famed actor Kevin Bacon took note, retweeting a video that Thompson’s sister-in-law posted on Twitter of him dancing in his scrubs, using his vibrant personality and top-notch moves to bring viewers a moment of reprieve during a challenging time. “There are so many emotions going on right now,” says Thompson “and many people coming in to get treated for COVID-19. But, on the bright side of things, we’ve adopted a lot of new habits at the hospital, and we’re learning a lot.” Thompson explains that during his time at the hospital, he sees people come together everyday. After all, as his video proves, people are only separated by six degrees of Kevin Bacon. 

Through his journey, Thompson has met many interesting people. From his boy band days hanging out with New Kids on the Block, to speaking to students at Riverview School, to now hosting weekly dance parties over Zoom, Thompson has touched many lives, always leaving his signature positive mark. “Meeting people that are genuinely happy because something you’ve said has resonated with them—that makes you feel good,” explains Thompson. “Sometimes I talk about things I’m going through myself or that people close to me are going through, and people will tell me that they feel like I’m talking directly to them. I hope it helps, because it helps me too.”

Thompson’s advice for living an upbeat lifestyle? Take advantage of the first 20 minutes of your day. “For me, I like to meditate every morning. That’s my time to be alone with my apple cider vinegar, my meditations, and my cats,” he laughs. Apart from that, Thompson speaks on looking for the good in the world, “because it far outweighs the bad,” he says. “If you look for the light and positivity, you won’t drown in the negative.”

Every Friday night right now, fans can tune into JT’s Chronicles for a zoom dance party for kids with D.J. Angel Robinson. And when that’s over, be sure to stick around for the “old school” dance party, often complete with costumes. “You deserve it!,” enthuses Thompson, who also works with local businesses to do regular giveaways and lend support to the Cape community. Right now, he’s working on a motivational tour called “Positive Direction.” For those who want to help and join in on the positivity, Thompson says to contact him. “It’s all about connection,” says Thompson. “We have supporters from all over the world, and I get to reach out to lots of people. But, I especially love it here on Cape Cod. I love my community.”

Follow Jonathan on facebook at JT’s Chronicles or on his website jtschronicles.com

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Allyson Plessner

Allyson Plessner is a former editorial intern for Cape Cod Life and now works for the publication as a staff writer and digital media coordinator. Born in Florida, Allyson has been a lifelong summer resident of the Cape. She is a recent alumna of the College of Charleston, located in Charleston, South Carolina, where she completed bachelor’s degrees in both English and Spanish. In her free time, Allyson is an avid sailor, beach-goer, and—like her fellow Cape Cod Life colleagues—a dog-lover.