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Take a hike!

Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge
The Trustees of Reservations want you to get out and get into nature! With over 100 properties, it’s easy to get lost and find yourself.

Since 1891, the Trustees of Reservations have been working tirelessly to keep Massachusetts beautiful, protecting and caring for almost 25,000 acres throughout the state. The Trustees are responsible for over 100 properties across Massachusetts, from the Berkshires to the Islands. Their goal is to “preserve, for public use and enjoyment, properties of exceptional, scenic, historical and ecological value in Massachusetts.” 

Sam Hart, Islands Director at the Trustees, was born and raised on the Vineyard and has been caring for it ever since. “We are the largest owner and steward of coast in Massachusetts, besides the state itself,” explains Hart. Through their properties, the Trustees hope for visitors, especially kids, to engage with nature and the surrounding beauty in ways they might not normally be able to. “It’s really about getting kids out into nature and using our properties as laboratories and as classrooms,” says Hart. “For most of these projects we partner with other non-profits on the Islands and we work very closely with the school systems and the charter school to bring groups to our properties and to work with students.” The Trustees work with programs such as Camp Jabberwocky, Mass Audubon and Polly Hill Arboretum to build robust education and engagement programs. 

As for the general public, the Trustees on Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket offer oversand tours for most of their properties. “We have guests come out in our oversand vehicles and they get to see the refuge that way,” says Hart. For those who may want to help and get their hands a little dirty, volunteer opportunities are available. “We have dune profiling with volunteers and we do beach clean-ups; every spring, we have huge beach clean-ups to help us pick up the garbage that’s been collecting over the winter, which is getting worse and worse each year. We have a range of volunteer opportunities and because of the breadth of our properties, we have something for everyone,” he explains. Whether you’re looking to hike, fish, sunbathe or just explore, the Trustees has a place for you.

In the following pages, get to know the different properties Hart and his team at the Trustees take care of across Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket.

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