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Learn more about the Falmouth Road Race

Scott Ghelfi was in eighth grade when he ran his first race—in a pair of high-top Pro-Keds. Falmouth High’s cross-country coach Tom Turkington was waiting at the finish line. “I became a runner that day,” Scott says. “It is now part of my bloodstream.” As a board member, Scott now helps plan the race and assists in its philanthropic mission. In addition to helping nonprofits, the race donates all of their own proceeds back to the community. 

Steve Lawrence, whose dad Bernie manned the race for years as a Falmouth Police Officer, runs the race annually with his kids Drew and Hannah, followed by a cookout at his house for fellow racers. That scene repeats itself in hundreds of backyards, from Megansett to Menauhant. 

Former State Representative and now Cape Cod Regional Transit Authority guru Tom Cahir make his way through the race effortlessly and agelessly every year. Former Boston Police Commissioner Bill Evans can often be spotted in the throngs as well. And Falmouth’s artist emeritus Karen Rinaldo has captured the inspirational scenes over the years via her iconic brush strokes. 

“The common guy can run with the best runners in the world,” notes 10-year board veteran and perennial runner Karen Bissonnette. “I was a sprinter and a shot-putter. If I can run it, anyone can run it,” she adds. 

Thousands of stories. Millions of memories. An undeniable tradition and annual chapter in the story of Falmouth, and it all started thanks to one man’s indelible spirit. 

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