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Life on Nantucket: A look into one family’s ‘Sconset oasis

“The homeowner was involved every step of the way,” says Liddle. “It was a very collaborative process and she had this unique, punchy design that we were able to pull together with lots of blues and oranges.” The first-floor guest bedroom is Liddle’s favorite. With an orange and pink quadrille fabric headboard, it’s easy to see why. That eye-catching color is carried over to another bedroom with a matching orange vanity in the adjacent bathroom. These fiery orange accents are a fitting contrast to the calming blues that adorn the rest of the home—a nod to the classic relationship between fire and water, fierce heat and soothing coolness.

Nina Liddle standing in the ‘Sconset home she designed. Photo by Maria Carey.

“It was important that we keep the design both cohesive, with all the bright colors going on, and also relaxed,” explains Liddle. “This family has a lot of house pride, and I wanted to honor that and make sure that they have a place they can escape to.” As a family home, it was important to both Liddle and the homeowners to create that joyful, happy feeling of a summer escape and really capture how the family lives and exists together in the space. 

“Right when you walk in, I wanted the statement to be, ‘This house is all about fun.’ You walk in through the mudroom—because the front door is too formal,” says the homeowner with a laugh, “and the surfboard sets the tone, hanging from the ceiling. You know that you’re in this fun, casual place. We have games all over the house, a fire pit, and we even turned the garage into a crossfit gym.”

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