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Life on Nantucket: A look into one family’s ‘Sconset oasis

Stark white elements are used to add balance throughout the home, seamlessly pulling together vibrant oranges and rich blue accents.

The vibrant colors, and indeed vibrant personalities, that fill this home and turn it into a true island retreat are balanced against crisp, white tones throughout the home, bringing the design back to those clean, modern lines that the homeowner first envisioned. In the kitchen, deep blue Oomph light fixtures mirror the shimmery blues of Nantucket Sound and hang in beautiful contrast to the white marble countertops and cabinetry in the space. In the bathroom with the orange vanity, the atmosphere of the room is softened by white walls, counters and floors. The kelly green and turquoise banquette—practical for this active family in that the material is all indoor/outdoor—stands next to a beautiful white table. In this way, Liddle creates a colorful sanctuary that isn’t overwhelming: a space for both relaxation and fun, vibrant gatherings and tranquil Nantucket beach days—a space where the most intense shades of blues, oranges and greens can all coexist beautifully.

As with any beloved family home, the details are really what bring this space to life. “Nina was really great at understanding the scale that all of the different elements needed to be,” explains the homeowner. “She could just look at a space and know what would work.” A prime example of this is the fantastical lighting fixtures throughout the home, such as the Oly ball chandelier in the dining room, large enough to make a statement but not so big as to be overwhelming in the room.

“One element that was special to both myself and the homeowner was this hallway bookcase,” says Liddle. “We wallpapered the back of it with this navy vinyl wallpaper.” What better way to add creativity and personality to a space? That unique flare continues to the powder room, which features dynamic blue Phillip Jeffries wallpaper, and on to the living room, which boasts a dark-blue and purple coastal art piece that inspired the color palette for the rest of the room.

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