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Writer: Christina Galt

Two Fishing Boats • Acrylic pour

“My love of art began around the age of five,” shares local artist Linda Emerson. “When I was a little girl, I went to the DeCordova Museum in Lincoln, Massachusetts, and began my very first art classes. After that, I was completely in love with every aspect of art.” Later in life, Emerson took a number of classes and workshops on the Cape at The Chatham Arts Center and The Cape Cod Association, “I learned a lot from the different art teachers I had,” she says. “John Domestico, who studied with the Provincetown painters, had a major influence on my development as an artist,” she notes. “I also took lessons with Rosalie Nadeau, Janet Gilmore, and Christie Velesig, and I practiced with Robert Mesrop, who is just a remarkable painter.” 

Unlike many artists, Emerson has not committed to one particular medium, “I get bored sometimes,” she explains. “I like to experiment with a lot of different mediums. I was working with watercolors for so long and then I switched to oils. Right now I’m trying out acrylic pours. I really enjoy trying new things. It keeps me on my toes,” she remarks. “I love each medium for particular reasons, watercolors because they are so fluid sometimes streaming into a new unexpected shade. Oils are just beautiful, and pastels have great qualities as well. More recently playing around with acrylics has really been a real joy; I’ve been testing out different mediums my entire career, I just want to master them all.”

Gloucester Lighthouse • Acrylic pour

Emerson also likes to jump around when it comes to her subjects, “This winter I did a lot of city scenes, which was really different from my usual work and a lot of fun for me to try out,” she notes. Her paintings range from portraits to landscapes and more. She pretty much dips her toes into it all, she shares, “Although I’ve always loved painting the Cape, especially boats because of the shapes they create, I love finding different out-of-the-box subjects.”

Emerson describes her style as rather impressionistic, “It really goes back to my teachings from Rosalie Nadeau and John Domestico,” she explains. “They always encouraged a lot of color in their teachings, which really opened up my eyes to a lot of new things.” 

When starting a painting, Emerson usually begins her work with a value sketch. She then tackles the process of creating a colorful work of art, “You just get so lost in it,” she shares, comparing the process of painting to getting wrapped up in a good book. 

Purple Sails • oil

More of a studio painter, Emerson will go out and take pictures, bringing them back to her home studio, “I’d love to get more into the plein air aspect of painting, but I just don’t seem to get out there,” she explains. “I just love the feeling of peace I obtain when I’m painting in my home studio.” 

An active member of the arts community on the Cape, Emerson is a Master Painter at the Cape Cod Art Center, a member of the Cape Cod Art Association, Falmouth Artists Guild, Cultural Center of Cape Cod and Sandwich Arts Alliance. A reminiscent Emerson comments, “I use to do a lot of outdoor shows like the Shanties for a number of years. I love participating in art shows and getting the opportunity to meet different artists around the Cape and Islands. The art shows on the Cape are always just so fun and inspiring. There’s nothing quite like the art community here on the Cape.”

Seascape • colorful acrylic

This summer, Emerson plans to open up her home studio to the public by appointment only. To make an appointment call 508-423-1216. See more of Emerson’s work at fineartamerica.com or visit Bennett Gallery & Framing in Hyannis

Christina Galt

Christina Galt is the Digital Editor at Cape Cod Life Publications. Born and raised on the Cape, Christina has always had a love for the ocean and everything "Cape Cod." She found herself the perfect home away from home at the University of Rhode Island and double majored in Sociology and Gender & Women’s Studies. After graduating, Christina came back to the Cape and started her journey at Cape Cod Life. She spends most of her free time with her family, especially her chocolate lab Sadie, and enjoys spending summers on her family’s boat.