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Make your home your canvas

Make Your Home Your Canvas, Spring 2018 Cape Cod HOME |

Farrow & Ball

As Frangiadis puts it, “All paints are made from the same five ingredients. It’s what each manufacturer does with those five ingredients that sets them apart.”

Not to be overlooked, wallpaper is making a comeback in the design world, and Farrow and Ball has acknowledged this trend by block-printing wallpaper, using the same 132 colors offered in their paint line. “While most wallpaper is screen printed, they actually use their paint on paper so the result is a very textured look,” explains Frangiadis.

Emmett Fiore from Fine Paints of Europe says that Fine Paints has recently released a 5 liter can of their premium wall paint, Eurolux Flat, which has inspired a Color Concierge store display. “Color Concierge is a new palette of 120 perfectly balanced shades that come to life on your walls. We selected these colors to give you stress-free choices,” he says. “As a collection, these harmonious hues flow seamlessly from room to room and pair with a wide variety of other colors. Tried and true, our core collection offers elegance, serenity, mystery, and a touch of whimsy.”

According to Fiore, “There’s really no better way to view a color than in the environment it is intended to be used. We recommend purchasing a half-liter of Eurolux Flat and assessing the colors on site. It’s kind of like a color dating service—you pick up the vibe pretty fast once you’re out on a date.”

Fine Paints of Europe offers colors known for their luminosity, quality and longevity. They even offer a Nantucket-themed color palette—available at Anchor Ace Hardware in Sandwich and South Yarmouth and Marine Home Center on Nantucket—created to accent and complement the historic nature of the island.

“Paint color invigorates an overall design concept,” says Fiore. “Take, for example, Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa.’ It’s perfect as is, it neither lacks nor needs anything. The same can be said of any good design work, and the correct use of color is part of the sum total.”

Mid-Cape Home Centers carries Pittsburgh Paints, a quality brand known as “The Voice of Color.” Mid-Cape Paint Specialist Bobby Bianco, whose favorite color in the line is Mid-Cape Blue, explains that Pittsburgh Paints are available only from independent, locally owned retailers and has a long history of expertise to draw from.

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