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This garden oasis is a true masterpiece

“We wanted to create a sanctuary for all living things. My late wife, Grace, and I raised four children in this home, so we threw the baseballs and football on the lawn and played lacrosse and hockey in the driveway,” Peter explains. “For the next chapter of my life, I wanted something else.” Now that he and Diane, who owns Kind Yoga and Meditation Teacher Training School, have been married for over a year, her influence in achieving a space full of meaning and vitality is evident as they point out a sign that greets visitors with the word “Santosha” hand-carved across the wood. “The sign is the mission statement. Santosha is Sanskrit for ‘complete contentment,’” Diane explains. “I teach yoga and meditation and the essence of both is to be content, to be present with what is. Gardens and nature are the best cure for all of life’s stresses.”

Their vision of making a safe and happy place to nurture all living things has come true and, like life, continues to evolve. There are three honey bee hives that are home to thousands of bees happily buzzing and working in the garden. There is a frog pond, and a large milkweed butterfly garden. Peter and Diane have moved into full-on overdrive with their love and passion for every conceivable thing a sustainable garden can become. There are bountiful flowers, vegetable gardens, roses, shrubs, evergreens, and flowering, fruiting and leafing deciduous trees. There is a screened meditation cabin, grape arbors, a lavender field on a hill, a blueberry patch, and strawberries spilling forward heavy with fruit. 

Maria also notes that the landscape plan was designed to engage all of the senses: “There are paths that meander through the fruit trees and paths that are lined with lavender to create a peaceful, soothing old-world charm.” Senses are triggered by the sounds of water trickling in the fountain and frog pond, and creeping thyme nestles between the irregularly shaped tumbled bluestone. 

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