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This garden oasis is a true masterpiece

At the core of all of these endeavors are the principles that have made Coleman and Fortier respected voices in the fields of organic and sustainable gardening. Fortier presents agriculture on a small scale for individual gardeners who want to create market-quality produce from a home environment. Coleman, and his wife, Barbara Damrosch, are both farmers and writers, and their Four Season Farm is an experimental market farm that produces fruits and vegetables grown throughout the year.

Diane had been a beekeeper and sustainable gardener for years, and comes from a long lineage of herbalists and gardeners from the Czech Republic.  Peter blossomed into this style of gardening later in life—he says he was a farmer in waiting, who is walking in the footsteps of his ancestors who farmed the Nova Scotia coast—and he refuses to allow it to become a seasonal endeavor. A greenhouse keeps plenty of fresh produce on the table year-round, and a portion of the basement of the house has been converted into a hydroponic growing lab for tomatoes, micro-greens, basil, parsley and other herbs.

Peter and Diane have embraced their passion with an endless amount of energy that seems to be refueled with every additional project and inspiration. Now obsessively pouring through seed, bulb, flower and vegetable catalogs in the pre-dawn hours of the mornings, Peter continually comes up with ideas that his sister Maria and friends are always willing to help implement.

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