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Fins Up: Mermaids on Cape Cod

Bruins mermaid hoodie

Mermaids can rep their favorite New England teams in style with Aussant’s line of sports-themed apparel. Photo by Teagan Anne

“I’m always finding new ways of redesigning my brand,” Aussant adds, noting her Patriots, Red Sox and Bruins-themed mermaid apparel. “Our ocean-loving girls who love their sports teams, they can wear something cute and ocean-y and still rock the gear,” she says. “We’re always trying to be different and do something unique.”

This July, Aussant opened Mermaids on Cape Cod’s first retail store, located in a former seven-room cottage on Route 28 in West Dennis, across from Krista K’s Ice Cream. While chatting with her inside the new boutique—a mermaid’s dream closet, complete with a wide array of OMG apparel as well as trendy boutique clothing and jewelry, plus ocean-safe hair products—Aussant took the time to excitedly greet each patron that stopped by. “I really want people to love the fins they’re in and walk out of here feeling beautiful in my clothing and gear,” she says. One customer, who was visiting from New Jersey with her family, commented that Mermaids on Cape Cod is by far her favorite store. “This is so cool,” she says. “I love mermaids to begin with, but everything is so different. It’s amazing.”

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