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Fins Up: Mermaids on Cape Cod

Mermaid charm made by Washershore

Mermaid charm made by Washershore, available at Mermaids on Cape Cod. Photo courtesy of Washershore

“I truly believe that this isn’t just a store—it’s a part of a community, and I want people to love being part of this fun, ocean-y vibe,” Aussant says. “It doesn’t just speak to mermaids on Cape Cod but mermaids all over the country.” That’s true now more than ever, as her “Get Nauti” line of mermaid apparel is not only sold throughout Massachusetts but also in Hawaii and California.

As part of her mission to connect the Cape community through her brand, Aussant started the Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid blog, in collaboration with Jenny Paiva—aka “Just Beachy Jenny” on social media. Each week, Paiva chronicles her adventures on the Cape, sporting Official Mermaid Gear while also promoting the local shops and eateries she visits along the way. “The more we do that, the more we can connect the customers and the tourists to the Cape,” Aussant says.

She also hopes to further connect with local businesses and restaurants through her mobile boutique. Companies and individuals can host the bus for any occasion, from fundraisers and festivals to lunch breaks and house parties. If a restaurant chooses to host the bus, Mermaids on Cape Cod will advertise that restaurant’s weekly specials on Facebook for the entire week before.

When thinking about the future of her store, Aussant is practically giddy. It is set to be the site of many community events, including book signings and artisan meet-and-greets. Next year, she says there will be vendor tents on the lawn. “We’re not going to be charging,” she notes, but instead asking that vendors make a donation to either the National Marine Life Center or the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. Fellow mermaids can stay up-to-date on all of the latest happenings at the store on the Mermaids on Cape Cod Facebook page and Aussant’s weekly “Friday Night Live” Facebook Live streams.

In “The Little Mermaid,” Sebastian tries to convince Ariel that life under the sea is much better than anything on shore. Looking at Aussant’s boutique, it’s safe to say there’s some of that under-the-sea magic right here on Cape Cod.

Mermaids on Cape Cod is open through December. To learn more about Mermaids on Cape Cod and read the Cape Cod Wandering Mermaid blog, visit


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