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Fair Days at the Faraway

Cape Cod Home Annual Home for the Year!

After building over 350 homes
on Nantucket, J.D. and Laura Bessey have
crafted a home for their entire family

The pages of history and literature are filled with adventurous tales of sea captains, merchant mariners and explorers of note who circumnavigated the globe, all while hailing the island of Nantucket as their homeport. The choice to call Nantucket home is primarily a conscious one, and for one couple, J.D. and Laura Bessey, owners of Nantucket-based Bessey Construction, Inc., the roots they have put down on Nantucket have influenced not only their home but hundreds of others as well. For over 20 years Bessey Construction, Inc. has been fulfilling people’s dreams of a home on what the Native Americans called “the faraway island.” In fact, they have worked on over 500 projects across this special landscape. A recent project for a client with several lots for development, revealed a home style that spoke to the Besseys on a personal level.

“We had actually built this particular home for a client who had four or five lots, and when we built this layout, I had gone a bit out on a limb with the design choices,” Laura Bessey recalls. “With most spec houses you keep it a bit neutral, but in this one I used brushed brass finishes and was a bit bolder on the tile choices. J.D. and I kept talking about this project, and it became very clear that we really liked this house.  Actually, we loved it. We loved the layout; we loved the feel of the home and kept imagining how we would live in it. So we tweaked the plan and decided this was the home we wanted for ourselves because the whole flow and the layout was perfect for the way we live.”

Nantucket’s Brook Meerbergen, principal of Brook Designs, designed the home. Meerbergen, who has been designing residences on Nantucket for many years, including the home that inspired this project, says, “I designed the bones of this house and gave J.D the volumes, but J.D and Laura put their creative touch on the home to make it truly their own.”

Once the Besseys made the decision to embark on this adventure on the south side of the island known as Surfside, the process of building a home, an exercise they have spent decades doing for clients who also were excited about the future of possibility that is inherent in a Nantucket retreat, became one of purpose and conviction. “All of the homes we do for clients as well as for investors for whom we are building spec houses, we build the house as though we were building our own. We will see opportunities in a plan and approach the project always asking the same question, ‘What would we like?’ I don’t make decisions and choices to do something because it is a more inexpensive option, I make decisions that are rooted in what I genuinely like,” Laura says. “But for this house it was amplified. We really put our creativity and imagination to the test, and we just love the way it turned out.” It is that frosting they applied to the well-appointed, thoughtful design that allowed the Besseys to make their cake, and enjoy it as well.

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