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Newly Nostalgic

Designer collaboration:

We worked with two local designers to transform this family home into a nostalgic holiday scene from years past. Read the inspiration behind the designs and learn more about the designers:

Designer statement: Harvest of Barnstable

Designer statement: Pottery Barn

Newly Nostalgic, Winter 2017 Cape Cod HOME

The property’s stately red barn inspired holiday décor of simplistic splendor.

A father builds a home for his family in hopes of capturing memories from his own childhood

Yves Locas shares his name with his father. He also shares nostalgic memories of time his family spent in New England in the 1960s and ’70s when his father, a Quebec national, played in the American Hockey League—the farm team, or developmental league, of the U.S. National Hockey League. Summers were spent in the various coastal communities of Rhode Island and Massachusetts, where the family racked up carefree days exploring the endless activities afforded to vacationers. As Locas recalls, it was an idyllic time: “It quite possibly could be fogged by memory, but I remember running barefoot, spending the whole summer in swim trunks and just an overall feeling of freedom and contentment.”

Those are the qualities Locas hoped to reinvigorate as he and his wife embarked on a search for a property on the Cape and south coast of New England. Residents of a Toronto suburb, Locas and his wife threw the net wide, not being particularly rigid about determining which community in advance. “I was open to seeing anything, and yet nothing was really fulfilling the vision I had for a vacation home for my family,” Locas recalls. “Then our realtor said if I could think outside of the box, he might have something that would work.” His realtor from the old Cape Sotheby’s International Realty office in Orleans explained that he had a recently divided parcel that separated a post-and-beam barn and acreage from a single-family home.

Upon arrival to view the property, Locas recalls that as soon as he glimpsed the impressive red barn, crowned with a fully windowed cupola, he once again experienced that New England nostalgia from his childhood. All that was needed was a house to complete the scene.

An introduction from his realtor to REEF Builders, newly taken over by president Matt Teague and vice president Jim Hagerty, launched a relationship that Locas still holds in special regard. “The whole experience exceeded every expectation,” Locas says. “When we sat down early in the process and Matt reviewed the timeline, the contract indicated they would complete the construction by mid-March. I told him they could take a few more months since we wouldn’t be there until summer. Matt quickly looked at me and said, ‘That isn’t how we work. We set a timeline and adhere to our schedule.’ That just perfectly describes how you can completely trust them every step of the way.”

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