Next Wave: Bianca Januario

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Writer: Brenna Collins

Next Wave: Bianca Januario


Cape Cod Home  /  Autumn 2021 /

Writer: Brenna Collins

Bianca Januario’s life experiences have guided her from Brazil to Cape Cod. Originally from a fashion design background, Januario’s passion for all things design fuels her professional life. One year ago, she had the opportunity to begin in sales at Cape Cod Marble & Granite, where she has been able to apply her design skills to the home industry. Since then, her appreciation for this field has blossomed, and this is only the beginning.  – Brenna Collins

CCH: How did you end up settling on the Cape?

BJ: That’s a funny story. I am from Brazil, but since I had my first exchange experience, I knew I couldn’t help my passion to see the world. So, after I graduated, I decided to apply for a master program in Milan, which I was accepted later on. Instead, I decided to spend a couple of months in the US because I had some friends around here. Then I decided to stay, especially after this opportunity of working within design. It’s a bit different, but it’s almost the same because we are talking about colors, textures, and everything like that. 

CCH: How do you feel like your fashion background translates into the home design industry?

BJ: I had the opportunity to study architecture design in an exchange program at a great university. There, I learned how trends occur. The inspiration you have in fashion is from the outside. It’s about cultural connections, nature itself, everything is connected. It’s the same in the home. That’s why I think the two are very close. 

CCH: What do you feel like sets your company apart in your industry?

BJ: It’s the whole process. We are always honest to customers and educate them on what we offer to fit their needs. Also, offering them the digital layout gives them a better idea of how their choice will look. Sometimes it is very hard to visualize the final result with just seeing the slab itself. It is also delivering what we propose at the beginning. We are very proud of what we do. 

CCH: Do you have any goals for the company or yourself?

BJ: I am working hard because this is a whole new world, and it’s been amazing so far. My goals are to be more involved in projects that I could apply even more of my design knowledge. As in fashion, I used to love to participate from the conception to the final product; assisting projects from the ground up would be very exciting. 

CCH: What is your favorite aspect of your role?

BJ: Dealing with the stone is amazing, especially the natural ones. The best part is, even if we’re talking about the same material from a different lot, it will look totally different. The one piece you choose, you won’t find anything else like it. That is the best part for me. I’ve grown such an appreciation for the stone and the colors, it helps me appreciate my job even more.  

CCH: What has been the biggest thing you have learned from your time there so far?

BJ: Learning how to serve people has been big. Everyone has a different thought or way of seeing things. Trying to see through the eyes of another person is a challenge. I look to understand what their desires are, and from there explore all possibilities. That is my greatest lesson so far. 

CCH: How do you see design changing in a post-pandemic world?

BJ: People are spending more time at home, which means they are changing more aspects of the home. In terms of design, we were in a very white and grey style, and now I am seeing more organic and rustic colors and preferences. I think it makes sense because people are looking more at themselves on the inside. People are seeing the world in a different perspective, and that makes them decide differently on colors, textures, everything. They are more connected to nature, which means they will choose more warm tones and textures. I started to work at the beginning of the pandemic and I can clearly see that transition in the design preferences. 

CCH: Do you have a specific stone you love?

BJ: At the moment, my favorite is a granite called Eclipse. It’s very dramatic. It looks like a painting. It has a black background with waves, it’s amazing.    

CCH: What advice for young professionals looking to succeed on the Cape?

BJ: No matter what you are doing, do it with purpose. If you know what you want, no matter how far you are from achieving it, all the effort it worth it. Passion is the most important ingredient for a successful journey. 

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