Next Wave: Lindsay Moore

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Writer: lestermolinari

A transplant all the way from sunny California, Lindsay Moore is a Senior Project Manager at SV Design, where a recent project she worked on was awarded the Chatham Preservation Award for its historic renovation and design work. A newlywed who has fallen in love with the seasonal beauty of Cape Cod, she loves this time of year and never tires of being surrounded by the color of the fall hues in the trees as she drives to work.  She values the dying art of craftsmanship and strives to guide her clients to a timeless interior in which they can enjoy living comfortably. ~ Leslie Hatton CCH: You started your career in San Francisco originally, how did you land here on Cape Cod?  LM: Everybody asks me that, yes, I was born and raised in California and I moved here in 2018. I graduated with a degree in Interior Design from San Francisco State University and found an internship on Craigslist with an amazing, high-end interior designer. I worked for his company for 10 years and got to do amazing projects all over the United States including Hawaii, New York and Nantucket. I met my now husband on a Nantucket project…he was my ‘moving and receiving’ guy helping with the furniture installation. I still remind him of that! He is part owner of a family business, so it was best for me to leave San Francisco and join him on the east coast. Another fact that I remind him especially in the winter time!  CCH: How would you describe your design philosophy?  LM: I have a strong feeling that interior design isn’t just about fluffing pillows and flipping through catalogs.  As a designer I want to help guide clients into what I classify as a timeless design, not trendy.  I try to help clients understand…

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