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Next Wave: Profiles on emerging building & design professionals

The Next Wave, Annual 2017 Cape Cod Home |

Profiles on emerging young professionals in the local housing industry

The housing industry on Cape Cod and the Islands not only offers opportunity for financial success, but it also fosters innovation and creativity, providing a space where a younger generation can pursue entrepreneurial endeavors.

In The Next Wave, a new Cape Cod HOME series, we will shine a spotlight on these younger members of the local community who are pursuing their passions and making names for themselves. Many are following in the footsteps of the generations that came before them, while others are forging a completely new path.

The five young professionals featured on the pages to follow are leaders in their respective fields and have found success in their own unique way—but they all agree that success isn’t possible without the teams that support them. In addition to sharing their stories, the changemakers we profile offer some words of wisdom for fellow young professionals looking to break into the industry.

We hope you’re inspired by these talented individuals, and be sure to look for The Next Wave series in Cape Cod HOME throughout 2017!

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