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Jessica Witter

Witter & Witter Boston Cape Cod Connection

The Next Wave, Annual 2017 Cape Cod Home |

Recognizing a connection between homebuyers in Boston and those on Cape Cod, Jessica Witter found her niche in real estate. As more of her clients were looking to purchase homes in these two regions, Witter, a Cape native, saw the opportunity to offer the same service for this clientele in both locations.

Along with her mother, Joan, a successful agent in her own right on the Cape, Witter formed the Witter & Witter Boston Cape Cod Connection team through Sotheby’s International Realty of Osterville and Boston’s Gibson Sotheby’s International Realty of the South End in 2014. Two agents turned into six soon thereafter with the addition of four young female agents. Witter says the team is “unbeatable.”

“We truly understand what client service means, and we all provide that on an equal level,” Witter, 31, says. “It’s not about what we can take from them, it’s about what we can give them.”

With six minds working together, Witter says she and her team are able to think outside the box. Witter and her mother thought outside of the box when hiring their fellow team members. “We’ve never hired anyone from within the industry,” Witter explains, “so everyone that works for us has learned from us since the first day they stepped into real estate. I can teach you how to sell real estate, I can teach you about the market, but the things we look for within our team are more important and can’t be taught.”

What can’t be taught, she says, are core values. For Witter, the client comes first, and that’s a philosophy she learned from the example set by her mom. “My mother literally treats her clients as if they’re family,” she says. “We understand the emotional aspect of the business and that our job is 24/7. If you need me, you’re going to hear from me, and I’m going to be there for you.”

Your peers are everything. You need to respect everybody, not only your clients but also the people you work with, because it all comes back around. Dive in headfirst, find the passion within, and then follow that. The rest will fall into place.” -Jessica Witter

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