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Writer: Susanna Graham-Pye

Rob Geggatt is currently director of operations and a partner at Cataldo Custom Builders, Inc. Over the next several months, Rob is working to purchase the business from founder Ralph Cataldo. Rob says he’s honored that Ralph has chosen him to carry on the Cataldo name that has become synonymous with quality and integrity in the Cape’s building industry. ~ Susanna Graham-Pye CCH: When did you decide you wanted to go into the construction business?  RG: I guess I knew I wanted to go into this field pretty early on. I started in the industry when I was young. I put myself through college doing framing. I’d work for three days and then go to classes for three days. I grew up in Falmouth. Graduated from Falmouth High School. Finished college and went to work on my own. I think when you grow up on the Cape, you are familiar with construction as work. CCH: How does Cataldo Custom Builders, Inc. approach its projects?  RG: There’s a usual cycle of big projects that start in September and run through Memorial Day. We have a well-oiled machine that does not take on more work than we can handle. Our focus is on schedules and budgets. We take these very seriously so our clients always achieve their goals.  CCH: Will you change the name when you take over the company? RG: No. Good work is associated with this name. It’s a great, long standing reputation, and Ralph worked hard to build that reputation. I’m honored and proud he selected me to take over the company. CCH: What values will the company represent moving forward under your leadership? RG: It goes back to Ralph [Cataldo] and his core values. We’re very similar in how we approach things. It comes down to having a good strong team to deliver on our contracts. It’s not…

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Susanna Graham-Pye