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No Judgement, Plenty of Deliberation

One more addition to the home’s footprint to take advantage of the setting is the main bath. It doesn’t get much more glorious than looking out over the water from the en suite’s steep tub. (The previous en suite bath was on an inside wall, where a walk-in closet now accommodates lots of clothes.) In the main bedroom, sliders topped by a row of transom windows that have taken the place of two small windows orient the home’s inhabitants to the pond that much more. Ryley Construction of Osterville added all the new spaces and other building enhancements seamlessly — nothing feels like an afterthought or appendage.

In the main bedroom, transom windows above the sliding doors echo the transoms in the kitchen and bar room.

Altogether, between the area added to the home’s main living room and kitchen plus the bar room and the new en suite bath, the couple enlarged the 2,000-square-foot home by only about 300 square feet. But what a difference those judicious additions have made! While not a large house by any stretch, it definitely feels like one now, making good use of every inch available.

Says Archi-Tech senior designer Joe Lima, “We were very happy that we were able to give the house a little more elbow room without sacrificing any of its cottage-y charm or scale. We were even able to work within most of the existing roof line, which kept the street-side facade intact. Cedar shingles, functioning shutters, and the stone chimney added to the effect.”

Baths become positively sybaritic with a view like that.

The home also includes another full bath and two guest bedrooms, one for Gordon’s 96-year-old mother, known to all who meet her as “Mom,” who frequently comes to stay with the couple. She chose blue beds and furniture for her room, and the couple brought further élan to it with signed prints by Alexander Calder.

Fine art enlivens the entire house, with museum-worthy names at the bottom of almost every painting, print, and lithograph. To the right of the fireplace, for instance, hangs a 1911 Picasso pochoir called “Still Life with a Bottle of Rum.” Directly over the fireplace, an oil painting by Chilean artist Luis Tejada adds a bit of a Gauguin-like feel. And to the left, an abstract oil by Argentine artist Antonia Guzman enhances the overall effect.

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