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Stunning Home Makeover in North Falmouth!

If these walls could talk

A father and daughter team up to revamp their family summer home, just steps away from New Silver Beach in North Falmouth. A true family effort, Lisa Mara Bry, her husband Tyson Bry, and her father Jack Mara brought their vision to life!

Just steps from New Silver Beach in North Falmouth sits a quaint beach cottage, perfect for those hot summer days washing off the salt and taking a break from the sun—for those quiet in-between moments before the grill gets fired up and the sun begins to set. It’s the type of home where amongst the foundation and support beams is a lingering hint of nostalgia and that familiar smell that means it’s time to start another summer on the Cape, time to create new memories.

“A couple years ago, my husband and I bought a home built in 1864 in Stowe, Vermont. It had been pretty much untouched throughout the years, and renovating that home was really our first taste of interior design,” says Lisa Mara Bry about the genesis of the interior design company that she owns with her husband, Tyson Bry. “We called it The Farm Home.” The couple spent months working through the dust and dirt and hunting for the perfect antiques to suit the space they were creating, and when they were done they had not only a home they could be proud of, but also a new company to allow them to share their passion together: Farm Home Co.

Lisa’s first love is dance, and almost 10 years ago she founded DanceWorks—an organization for advanced dancers to continue exploring their passion outside of college. DanceWorks is hugely successful and now has companies based in both New York and Boston.  “When I stopped choreographing a few years ago, I needed a new creative outlet to explore, and The Farm Home gave me that,” she says. 

Lisa’s new venture into design allows her to choreograph in a new way, working along with her husband to dream up beautiful spaces and harness the potential, history and unique personality of each home they work on, seamlessly incorporating their own chic style. “When we worked on The Farm Home, we just kept saying ‘If these walls could talk…’ There’s so much history built right into the walls of that home, and we’re honored to be able to capture that sort of thing with our design projects,” explains Lisa.

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