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Check out this gorgeous home on the bay in Chatham

Crowning Achievement

A Chatham home celebrates its majestic bayside setting

Nestled in the secluded mouth of Chatham’s Ryder’s Cove, a commercial fishing port, hustling and bustling during the summer months, lies one New York-based couple’s new second home. The alluring and all-encompassing view serves as the inspiration and focal point of the gambrel-style house. The connection to the inviting surroundings flows through each room, seamlessly stretching all the way to the foamy seashore. 

The couple had been eyeing the property—and its show-stopping view—while living in their previous summer home just a street over. When it went up for sale in 2016, they purchased the older, out-of-style ranch with the intent to replace it with their dream home, all within a tight schedule of 10 months, in order to be ready for the summer season. With new waterfront access, the couple was excited to moor their boat right in their backyard and fully enjoy the waterfront location. 

“We wanted the house to be a real sanctuary for our family,” the homeowner says. “It was all about being comfortable, enjoying the views, and bringing those beautiful surroundings into the home as much as possible.”

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