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Could you live comfortably in 800 sq feet on .01 acres of land? See how this couple does it!

The Little House that Could

Standing at only 800 square feet on 0.1 acres of land,
this tiny Osterville home still has just enough room
for Marc and Pattie LePain to live creatively

It takes a special person to live in a tiny space—to allow their creativity and ambition to shine within the confines of a small home. For those that grew up amongst the ruckus of siblings, constantly looking over their shoulder for the next surprise wrestling match or moment to catch a toy thief red handed, space seems essential. But for Marc and Pattie LePain, large rooms aren’t necessary to make their home bright, lively and welcoming. Living in a small home is a lifestyle choice for this couple, who renovated their 20 by 20 foot space in Osterville two years ago, bringing it to a whopping 800 square feet, and it’s a lifestyle that they have completely made their own. From Marc’s secret cabinet of brown paper-covered books to Pattie’s lovingly collected antiques, every inch of their home, tiny as it may be, screams character, and for a couple with so much personality to share, 800 square feet is all they need.

As if it was plucked straight from the pages of a storybook, the LePain’s tiny home sits on just 0.1 acres of land. Whitewashed wooden walls, just a shade lighter than the white floorboards, leave this open floor plan feeling airy, welcoming and not at all cramped in spite of the size. “Before retirement, I was a professor at Assumption College in Worcester for many years, and in the fall of 2015 I was teaching at our campus in Rome. Pattie found this property in Osterville online, all the way from Rome,” explains Marc with a chuckle. “It was simple, small and within walking distance of Osterville Village.”

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