Check out this brother-sister duo bringing their creativity to their family business

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Writer: Haley Cote / Photographer: Teagan Anne 

Check out this brother-sister duo bringing their creativity to their family business

Cape Cod Home  /  Early Summer 2019 / ,

Writer: Haley Cote / Photographer: Teagan Anne 

Roman & Natasha Miskovsky
Miskovsky Landscaping

Interesting, unique, creative. These are all words Roman and Natasha Miskovsky use to describe the work of their father Paul Miskovsky’s company, Miskovsky Landscaping. But these words are equally applicable to the siblings themselves. At just 22 and 25 years old respectively, Roman and Natasha (or “Tasha” to Roman) have established themselves as leaders in their multifaceted family business—Roman within their landscape design and flower show work, Natasha within the floral arranging and event staging sides. And these are siblings that genuinely get along—their undeniable camaraderie matched only by the enthusiasm they share for the business. 

CCH: What led you to want to work for your father’s business?

NM: I strayed away from it a little bit, but it always circled back; it’s my happy place. At the end of a busy week I’d find myself picking flowers and arranging them all around my house. I decided I should make this a more permanent thing in my life.

RM: I’ve always loved making an impact on people’s lives, and that’s what keeps me loving what we do. Every job we do, every property we step foot on, we make an impact there, and we have the chance to change somebody’s life in a very positive way. I’m there to bring something special to your home.

CCH: What would you say you admire most about each other?

RM: Tasha is just a ball of creativity. I think she brings to the table something fun, interesting, different and colorful.

NM: Gosh, I don’t know where I’d be without Roman. He’s my best friend. It’s cool we’re doing this together. He’s always got my back, he’s positive—he’s just got this positive vibe radiating off of him, and everybody picks up on that. It’s so cool to watch him with the crew… He’s strong, and so smart.

CCH: What have you gleaned from your father that’s helped you succeed in this business?

RM: For me, it’s communication. Trying to keep everyone on the same page, trying to keep everyone in the loop so that when a curveball is thrown during the middle of the day, there’s no panicking and everyone knows what’s going on.

NM: He has definitely taught me the art of multitasking. I’ve learned to layer personal life and work life to make it all work and accomplish what I need to be doing. And a love for flowers—the color combinations and how to create a feeling from a bouquet. He’s taught me so much about flowers and the impact they can have on people.

CCH: Roman, you mentioned that you and Natasha want to put your own spin on the business moving forward. How do you foresee doing so?

RM: What we’re aiming to produce moving forward is landscape rehabilitation—to take a garden that’s blah and make it pop, going to established properties and defining new edges to that landscape. And hopefully one day this place (their Falmouth outpost) will have a parking lot and it’ll be a nursery to buy things wholesale. People could come up to Tasha’s bouquet window, and she could put a bouquet together right there. That’s the goal here—to make this property a place that someone wants to stop by, even more so than it already is.

CCH: What advice would you give fellow young professionals looking to succeed here?

RM: Stay positive, and if you’re truly passionate about what you’re doing, then everything will work itself out.

NM: I think that you really need to connect with what you do. You’re going to bring such a positive impact on this earth if you believe in what you’re doing and really love what you’re doing.

Haley Cote

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