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See how one architect takes a bunk room to a whole new level

Special Spaces: All Aboard

For the owners of one Lower Cape home, the name they bestowed upon their abode says it all: Summer Mooring. “We have two daughters. My husband travels a ton with work. And it always seems like during the year, between lacrosse and ski racing and now college, everyone’s constantly on the move, whereas in the summer, everybody’s there,” the homeowner says. “That’s how we came across the name, Summer Mooring—it’s like I can actually moor my family at one place for a season.”

What’s key in helping ground this family, along with their extended family and friends, to their exquisite waterfront house—the creation of Polhemus Savery DaSilva Architects Builders (PSD)—is the home’s enchanting bunk room. It’s “a getaway within the getaway,” says PSD design principal John DaSilva. “It’s set up to be a fantastical space—its own fantasy world,” he says. “We strive to make spaces within houses that one remembers fondly, that inspire daydreams, that beckon one back. I can imagine just about everyone who visits this room finds it unexpected and leaves with a big smile.”

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